3 dead, scores injured as police tackle protesters following Uhuru’s reelection

The people of Ruaraka and Mathare constituencies spent sleepless night as protesters engaged police in running battle. Three people are thought to have lost their lives near Gumba bridge after they were shot at by policemen yesterday night.


In the morning the violence escalated as NASA supporters took to the streets. In Mathare 4A, the police were seen going door to door, beating up people leaving scores injured in their wake.

However, the acting cabinet secretary of internal security Dr. Fred Matiangi has since denied any killings. Instead, he has told the media that no killings have been reported.


The most valuable asset I’ve in this life is my future, which is, in fact, my life. If you dare steal it away from me, then I’d rather die now than succumb to a life of servitude.

In virtually all religions, the almighty God calls us to fight for what is right. A fight is only as worthy as its cause. You should only fight for what’s right; you should use strength to love and protect what is right in consistency with our religious beliefs, but not to inflict pain or harm to others.

Fighting and violence may be warrior brothers, but what separates them are how they use the virtue of strength. Using extreme force is what heralds violence.

We the youths of this country, instead of pledging to VOTE PEACE, we should make a vow to fight to protect what’s rightfully ours, that is if anybody dares steal it from us. Our cause must be to deliver ourselves from the life of oppression, neglect and the disrespect, as it has been the case in the subsequent government regimes.

We are the majority, yet we are the jobless. We are jobless because the people in power don’t give a damn about us. Nobody in the current government cares about creating quality jobs for our young population.

The person we have in charge is a billionaire who spent virtually all his youthhood overseas. His deputy, who calls himself a hustler, seems to have mastered the art of looting from his political mentors. He is erecting a series of skyscrapers in virtually every county in this country. The duo is unquestionably not the right choice to take us across the river Jordan.

Let us all Kenyans, in particular, the youths of this country direct our pent-up energy and drive towards uprooting this failed administration.

Let us let them know that deploying the military will not help the situation. The Kenyan youth will ONLY accept the results of a free and fair election. I call upon the young people of this country to stand firm on this and condemn in one voice any military action on civilian ahead of NANE NANE.

Meanwhile, the NGOs minting money from the international donors in the name of preaching peace to preach justice instead, for as it is an annexure in history that peace is not the nonexistence of tension, but rather the presence of justice.

Ruaraka CDF looted Big time Under TJ

My Ruaraka brothers and sisters, it is just over two weeks before we go to the polling centres to cast our votes. I understand that we are all pro-change and pro-development. I appeal to you to exercise maximum caution when voting. You must vet the leaders you want to represent you over the next five years.

The greatest concern I have is in regards to the constituency election. We are going to elect a member of parliament who will represent us in the most powerful house in the land. You dare not forget how the current parliament has served us. You must not forget the manner in which these Member of Parliament conducted their affairs. How they unfairly allocated themselves colossal amounts at the expense of other civil servants.

The decision to correct the evil in the current parliament must start in our constituency, where our very own TJ Kajwang hails from. TJ has overseen a looting spree in his reign. He colluded with Jubilee in the NYS scam and has seen his cronies steal from our constituency without a word.  We can only believe that he was part of this looting cabal. In this article, I want to expose how our money has been stolen in the name of projects that never saw the light.


The information I share is what the Ruaraka Constituency Development Fund has presented to the national government. The information is available at the National Government CDF portal.






In 2006, Norwegian referee Ole Hermann Borgan was stripped of his assistant refereeing duties ahead of Arsenal vs Barcelona clash in Paris after he was spotted on a Catalan giant’s replica jersey.

Uhuru Kenyatta met the Dubai Printing firm awarded the ballot papers printing tender ahead of the tendering. There are also rumors that Uhuru’s son is a shareholder in this firm. There is therefore conflicts of interest and the best way IEBC can solve this impasse is by cancelling the tender.IMG_7028

First, IEBC must stop hiding behind the time factor, we would rather be late than conduct a sham elections.

Secondly, IEBC had already done the tendering. Just like race, tendering produces medalist and losers. And in any championship, if the medalist is found to have cheated, the best loser is awarded the medal. Therefore, let IEBC award the tender to the best loser.

The 2017 elections must be free and fair. It must be done in an honest manner and IEBC must move with haste to tame any shred of doubt. Let IEBC learn from the 2006 UEFA decision and do what is right.

Darubini mar ogada

Be Your Sister’s Keeper, Vote One of Your Own

Over the past couple of days, the media has been awash with news of the nominated Senator Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro. The Orange Democratic Movement blocked her candidature to contest for Ruaraka Constituency seat on the party’s ticket. ODM instead advised her to choose another constituency, a move she said was not in good faith.

Ongoro, TJ, ODM,

Ongoro addressing supporters at ACREF, Babadogo

 She argued that she couldn’t change her constituency of interest as it is the people of Ruaraka who had approached her and requested her to come back and represent them. She also said this is where her heart belonged and it is the constituency she knows best. It was also laughable that the party had asked her to do these just 11 days to the party’s primaries, which is due on April 25th.

This case of Ongoro, happening at a time when the country is grappling with how to implement the gender law, makes us wonder whether our political parties are honest about implementing the Constitution of Kenya (CoK) 2010.

When we passed this new constitution, women were pregnant with optimism as it assures them of enjoying their rights more comprehensively than even before. The CoK, the supreme law of the land which embodies the people’s political will and is the basis upon which all other laws of the country originate, had created a new dispensation under which women had equal rights with men.

The women were not alone in this; youths too had their fair share of the cake. The Constitution of Kenya 2010 identifies the vulnerable groups of the population, i.e. women, youth, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and ethnic minorities as special groups deserving of constitutional protection.

The constitution protects the Kenyan youth against exploitation and entitles them to enjoy equal opportunities in social, economic and political environments. The same rights are enjoyed by women, which the constitution espouses that both men and women are equal in the eye of law.

The article 81 (b) of the CoK outlines the general principles electoral and democratic process should abide to. It states:

“The electoral system shall comply with the following principle – (b) not more than two-thirds of the members of elective public bodies shall be of the same gender.”

To uphold this article, the CoK in Article 27 further obligates the government to create policies and laws that address the past discrimination that the marginalized groups have faced. These policies should include affirmative action programs that ensure not more than two-thirds of elective or appointive bodies shall be of the same sex; and ethnic minorities, youths, women, and PWDs enjoy a fair treatment in all arms and levels of the government.

The CoK, though article 177, ensures that Articles 27 (8) and 81(b) are complied with at the County level through the nomination to the assemblies of special seat members. But this is not guaranteed when it comes to the National Parliament, which constitutes of the National Assembly and the Senate.

It was expected that the 47 assured elected women through the counties would have coupled with the women elected as representative of various constituencies, will help meet the 2-thirds gender rule. This formula would then amplify the voice of women in the national matters and provide a platform for the advancement of women needs.

However, the affirmative action on gender equity has proved to be efforts in futility. In 2007 we had 16 out of the possible 210 constituencies electing women to represent them. In 2013, though the number of constituencies was increased to 290, the number of women elected to represent constituencies remained unchanged. It follows that 80 more men MPs were elected to the 11th parliament than in the 10th house, automatically negating the impact of the 47 women MPs representing counties in the national assembly.

The bottom line is if we want to uphold the new constitution, women contestants of the 2017 elections must be treated with a baby’s gloves. Political parties too have to be pushed to give women a fair fighting chance and ensure that the list of nominees they forward to the IEBC for the general elections meets the gender requirement. Failure to do this will reduce the gender rule to a cosmetic gesture meant to fool the people of Kenya. And to the women reading this, be your sister’s keeper by VOTIN ONE OF YOUR OWN in the coming elections.

My Life as TJ Handsman and the Life after

It is 4 am in the morning, the dark and silence reigns save for the sound of raindrops and now the strokes of my keyboard. I wake up this early to pen down a piece that explains my journey as a TJ hands man and the genesis of my life in opposition.

As at now, if you are active in politics, you are either pro Ongoro or the incumbent. Unfortunately for me, none of them exhilarates me. Perhaps this is why many people, in either camps, think that I’m confused and getting in involved in a bout above my weight!

Ahead of the 2013 elections, early 2012, I didn’t find Hon. Tom Juma a good bet as a Ruaraka MP, and indeed I was right. However, Omondi Alokon, may our heavenly Father rest his soul in eternal peace, reined upon me to give TJ the benefit of a doubt.  When Alokon, my mentor and the fatherly figure in political journey, explained to me his perspective, he made me have a soft spot for the Nyakwar Nyakwamba.

I joined team TJ and campaigned for him as much as I could. Working in unison with OchollaTena team, we made it our business to sell TJ and Ocholla as joint products. You must however note that it was Ocholla who footed the bills that were associated with these campaigns.

Thanks to effort we put in place, TJ strolled to victory in the ODM primaries, and automatically succeeded Hon. Ongoro as our MP.  This guy never even had a homecoming party; neither did he even organize an appreciation meeting. He got straight way to work, and he was busy.

We were pregnant with optimism that TJ would bring the much needed change in the manner in which CDF projects and constituency matters are handled. I looked at his work plan and thought that indeed we got the right man for the job.

The CDFC elections were held in May, I remember it was the same day that we woke up to the news of the demise of the late Hon. Mutula Kilonzo. The election itself was a mirage and only used to fool the public that they were involved in the constituency decisions. But TJ moved in fast to quell any fears and constituted an 11 members committee in each of the five wards. He said the 11 people would help him seamlessly execute his duties. Whenever he went to any Ward, he would parade the11 people and tell the members of the public that they were his eyes and ears on the ground.

He mandated us to collect data on students and pupils in Ruaraka constituency, which we did. He also told us to transverse the constituency and talk to the members of the public about the projects they needed. We, the supposed Utalii CDF project management committee (PMC), led by our able chairman George Dibo, begun our journey at Kware. We met the people of Kware – youths, women and the village elders – and highlighted the projects they needed. We then went to Jangwani and did the same, and so were Area 4 and all the cells of Mathare 4A.

We engaged the Kenya urban roads board and toured the constituency with them. I can’t forget how TJ sneaked and went for lunch at Bluesprings Hotel as he left us to continue with the journey. We rode on Kinoti Mlachake’s car, as we followed his car, but Ojero blocked our entry. TJ would later join us in the visits to Kware, Mathare North and we ended the journey at Mathare Area 4. TJ left without any single token of appreciation.

All the same, we focused on the bigger picture, bettering our constituency. The other wards did the same, and the report was compiled and dubbed the Ruaraka Constituency Master plan. He said the document would guide him to initiate projects that would positively impact of people’s lives.

Having gotten what he wanted, TJ decided to replace us with a new team. He did this in all the other four wards. Ruaraka Constituency had then been allocated about Kshs. 96 million. It was his time to eat.

It was at this moment that Charles Abiola, Peter Runkin, Kennedy (Abiola’s brother) and Chau came to picture. They were the owners of TJ!  Dibo, Jack Ongoro, Jakababa, Cindy (Sinde), Nyatingli, Jakomala, Mama Neddy,  Nageya, Kinoti Mlachake and the other two people who I can’t remember their names, and I were relegated to the peripheries of the Ruaraka constituency decision making table.

To appease us, each one of us was given a bursary form. My friends and other people who knew that I sat with TJ on the same table thought that I had denied them bursaries. At some point my mom personally went to Abiola to ask for a bursary, an effort that hit the wall. But I’m happy we had played our part – we gave the constituency a work plan it much needed.

I would have voted TJ in for the second term had he implemented the report we gave him. I believe you don’t necessary need to be the one to actualize your dream; you can always forward it to someone else. Unfortunately, our successors were concerned with stealing millions from the public coffers.

One of the sites we identified in the report for the construction of a community hall now hosts a house of one of TJ’s CDFC members. Both the chairman and secretary have had their lives change; at least they both own decent houses, whether it is back in the village or locally. The other guys were awarded the tender to build a dining hall at drive in.

But at whose expense are they achieving this? Bursaries are cashed in to fund their construction projects, when children are sent away from school for school fees. In Utalii they turn to our able MCA Hon. Ocholla, for help, I can’t ell what happens in other wards. And the only genuine groups that received Uwezo Fund money was those owned by their girlfriends and wives, when the actual people who should benefit struggle to finance their projects.

Asking me to give TJ another term would be an insult to the United Youth Organization, a group that begun in 2009, which was denied Uwezo Fund simply because of its association with me. But a briefcase group (Utalii Youth Organization) started by a disgruntled member of the former was awarded Kshs. 100,000.

As they say, when one door closes, another opens. Indeed another door opened for me and I was received with open arms. I joined Ayungo and vowed to campaign for him with all the means necessary. But one thing I must thank TJ for is making me matter in Ruaraka politics. People know me because he discusses me! He thinks I’m too little to bother him, yet he has my profile on his desk.

Let me assure you my readers, I’m not confused and my position has never been clearer than it is now. The two Raila pests have nothing to offer the electorate; they only want to a sip from the cup of power one more time. They are Mitumba and only people with the poverty of the mind would blindly support them. For that reason, I sustain my fight against these demagogues.

The journey to make Ayngo the MP of Ruaraka may have hit a snag, but it has not stopped. Yes, may have not been in the favor of the owners of the party and so he shelved his ambition, but it won’t be always like that. Our victory has only been postponed. All we know is regardless of who becomes the MP on August 2017, Ayungo will be back and when that time comes, nobody will be able to stop him. As for now, the people of Ruaraka you have no choice but to go against the long tradition of voting the party if you’ve to make your voice heard!

Ruaraka Must Reject ODM Mitumba Project

I’m writing this piece to express my displeasure in the manner nomination matters are currently handled in our party. In particular, I’m writing to demand an explanation on what is happening in my constituency, Ruaraka.

Ruaraka is one of the constituencies that came to life after the passing of the new constitution. Together with Roysambu, Interim Independent Boundaries Commission divested it from the larger Kasarani constituency, which was once led by the late Adolph Muchiri and afterward William Omondi and Elizabeth Ongoro.

Ruaraka is the bedrock of ODM in Nairobi, as it is one of the two constituencies that delivered all the five wards to the Orange party, the other being Lang’ata constituency. Also though the defunct Kasarani had two successive MPs allied to Raila, yet Jubilee leads Ruaraka’s other two siblings. The loyalty of the party supporters in this constituency is unquestionable.

“We are asking the party to intervene and give us a liberal candidate, and not those praying to sip from the Cup of Absolute Power one more time. We would like to see young people offered equal opportunities in the party like women and old guards.” – Walter

This geographical area has often attracted a host of aspirants. In 2002, there was a host of candidates including the current Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang, William Omondi and Adolph Muchiri who was then defending his seat. Omondi carried the day but based on the agreement of sharing the then eight Nairobi parliamentary seats between NAK and LDP of the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC).

In 2007, the race even got stiffer, with the Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro, Roslyn Okumu, and TJ Kajwang both eyeing to unseat Hon. William Omondi. We recall that nominations at Mathare 4A turned chaotic and the entire process disrupted. While Roslyn Okumu seemed to have won the nomination in the other wards, the party denied her the certificate to the chagrin of her supporters and Hon. Ongoro was assigned the orange flag to face off with the PNU mandarins and affiliate parties.

In 2013, we had the former Nairobi Mayor Geoffrey Majiwa, Eng. Opiyo (aka Nyorosha), Geoffrey Owino (aka Mwangaza), and the current MP both eyeing the seat.

As you can see, in all the three previous elections, Ruaraka has attracted quite a number of aspirants on Raila’s party ticket. We are therefore surprised that this year we only have TJ and Senator Ongoro on our party ticket. Earlier, the youthful Jim Clement Ayungo, the former National Youth Council Chairman, had expressed interest and had made inroads in all the five wards of the constituency. However, he retreated citing bias within the party.

We now face the prospects of choosing to continue with the unpopular TJ or revert to the old pitiful Ongoro. Neither of the two candidates has the charisma, gusto, and bravado possessed by the energetic Ayungo.

Hon. Senator Ongoro is known to play aggressive politics of pitting youths against fellow young people. TJ is also known for his violent nature. As I write this, we are mourning a young person who succumbed to a fatal stub. It is hardly a month since Ongoro declared her interest and we are witnessing death, and other youths are in police cells. Is this the politics our party ascribes to?

What is happening in Ruaraka is not different from what we saw in Gatundu South in 2014. I imagine a puissant hand controlling things in Ruaraka, and I want to say that it is doing more harm than good to our first agenda, toppling the Jubilee Government. Indeed if the “D” in our party’s abbreviation means what is purported, there would have been a level ground, and more aspirants would have contested the Ruaraka seat. But it seems the Orange party has already determined that it is a Mitumba that will lead Ruaraka.

For young people like me, who have watched TJ segregate the people of Ruaraka, turning it to a small Homabay County, we cannot line up to vote him. We cannot vote a man who judges us by the geographical regions we come from; one who has neglected not only other tribes in Ruaraka but also Luos from the other three counties. A man who cannot point a single project that he has started and completed with the over Kshs. 400 million Ruaraka has received over the past four financial years.

But neither can we vote an old lady with a lifetime of scandals and corruption as her name tag, a husband barterer and one who only sees violence as the right way through an impasse. We will not elect a woman who is not here to serve the people, but desperate for dominance and power that she would rather see her constituents, the very people she expects to elect her, die than let go her pursuit.

It is us young people that fight for Raila. It is us who attend rallies and demos called by the party. Then why are we discriminated against when it comes to enjoying these power that we fight for?

We are asking the party to intervene and give us a liberal candidate, and not those praying to sip from the Cup of Absolute Power one more time. We would like to see young people offered equal opportunities in the party like women and old guards. Failure to do this, many young Ruarakans will not any reason to their vote for the MP, which may go a long way in affecting our quest to making Raila Amollo Odinga the president of this republic.