No to Revolution calls, Jubilee Looted Billions and Killed Hundreds to Retain Power, But You Chose it Anyway

I cannot make sense of the sudden calls for revolution. I do not see the reason why the people who disregarded Jubilees looting spree in the first term and went ahead to campaign and vote twice for Uhuru to retain his seat can now start making audios, videos and even long Facebook posts calling on each us to join the “revolution!” That is balderdash!

I know some of you will be quick to label me a coward, but look, I’ve given my best to this country, and I’ve learnt my lessons.

The Face of Corruption
Monsterfied Face of Corruption

The Betrayed Struggle

I survived the 2007/08 PEV when we protested against electoral robbery. I lost a friend, Chris, the only true Chelsea fan I knew then. He was killed on next to KCA university when the police shot a high voltage electric wire. Another friend (Aywaya) suffered mercilessly in the hands of police at the CBD. Today, he carries grievous that during cold seasons, like now, he can hardly walk. Some others still walk with the scars of this revolt.

Neither Aywaya nor the family of Chris has received compensation for such police brutality. After all, they are not Kikuyus compensated Kikuyus.

Another electoral fraud came in 2013. I attended the demos just outside the Supreme Court. The police, once again, under the orders of the government, used live bullets to disrupt demos. A KU student in our midst lost his life in the process. This did not stop us.

And on the day of the infamous Mutunga one-sentence ruling, the story escalated. I remember it was raining. We were just outside chanting and jumping, believing the opposition had substantial evidence and would win the case. We didn’t even get a chance to know the outcome. We were dispersed with live bullets.

I remember running straight past Kencom down to Cross Road. Here we met Jubilant Jubilee supporters, who, instead of enjoying their day, chose to attack us. How I escaped the deathtrap at Nyamakima is a story for another day. Go into your news archives; some Luos lost their foreskins to these so-called small traders that are now crying Biashara ni Baya!

In 2017, the story was no different from the August 8 ballot to the nullification of the result. I remember the IEBC Must Go Demos. I remember how we would be teargassed every Monday. The media made fun of us. Kikuyu criminals armed coined themselves the Nairobi Business Community to deal with us.

Back then, none of you who are currently crying this country needs fixing, gave a damn about us. You didn’t know we were fighting for a better Kenya.

Back to the struggle, we did not succeed with the calls to fix IEBC before the election, which brings me to October 25, the day of the election charade.

The Dragon Egg Gift to Uhuru

Because we did not succeed in fixing the IEBC, we refused to participate in the October 25th polls. But we’ve many stupid people in this country. They went ahead and voted, claiming that they were giving Uhuru a birthday gift. If you are one of them, I’m sorry, but you can see where your stupidity has led us.

I know you still remember how this regime and its vigilante killed NASA supporters whose only crime was going to the airport to receive their leader. What has Jubilee done now that warrants a revolution that it has not done in the past? How many people were sent to their graves to keep Kamwana in power?

Okay, you gave Uhuru the dragon eggs for a birthday gift, what did you expect? The eggs hatched, and now his dragons are full grown. Yes, he is going to burn us down. But I’m wounded, I can’t help. So please do your part as I did mine while you were enjoying yourself.

We are just like you, brothers and sisters. The economy is tough on both sides. The only difference between you and us is, we the then NAASA supporters, expected this to happen. But you guys had your head deep in your asses that you didn’t care. Do you remember the infamous Thuruku song, “Si Uchawi ni Maombi?” Looking back now, who amongst us were acting under a spell, Jubilee or NASA supporters?

As you guys said, “Uhuru is Heaven sent leader,” so funga safety belt tumalize safari na Uhuruto.