All the top six sides in the English Premier League featured in continental quarter finals. The two Manchester clubs have since been eliminated with Liverpool and three London sides, that is Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, still chasing the glory. In fact, there’s a possibility of an all English UCL final and an all English Europa Final.

The big question on many Premier League fans ask is can all the six sides feature in next season’s Champions League?

The answer is no! Only four teams qualify based on the league standing and the fifth spot is taken by the Europa Champion.  This article will help you understand why only five EPL teams can qualify for the 2019/20 UCL.

Suppose Spurs don’t make it to the top 4 but wins UCL, they automatically qualify for the UCL spot. But they do this at the expense of the No. 4.

The rules changed after 2005 incodent when Liverpool won the UCL but we’re 5th in the league. EPL took five teams, with Everton on the play offs.

Later when Chelsea won the UCL, they were then 6th in the league but Spurs were 4th, so the latter missed out as only four teams had a slot.

The introduction of Europa Champions slot in the UCL is independent of the positions. A team that wins the Europa automatically qualifies for the spot in the UCL and is seeded with other League champions.

So as it stands, Chelsea, which apparently may miss out on the top 4 can make it to Champions League if they can win the Europa League.

So at it stands, EPL can only take five teams to the UCL and not six as some think.