Precious Blood Riruta has invited Sheryl, who scored 434 marks in this year’s KCPE exam, to join them. She wanted to share the calling letter with her brother Joe, who is currently studying at the University of Michigan, in the USA.

Like many people, Sheryl knows WhatsApp only as an intuitive messaging tool. Thanks to the messaging tool, the siblings live to the truth of the adage distance never separates people, silence does. They have been in touch as though he never left at all.

She chose to share the message through the Dropbox app her that brother had installed in her phone. While Dropbox is a good document sharing tool, Whatsapp is equally good. The latter does it quickly, easily, and in a casual manner.

If you are like Sheryl, let me help you take advantage of the hidden prowess of this intuitive messaging service.

How to send documents using WhatsApp

Sharing a document over WhatsApp is as easy as ABC; it shouldn’t take you more than 20 seconds. Here is how to do it:

Start “chat”

Once you open the app, select your conversation. However, if you’ve no previous WhatsApp engagements with the person or group you want to share the document with, you must then create that conversation.

Attach Document

In order to attach the document, you will use the paperclip icon for android phones, and the “+” icon for the iPhone.

whatsapp docThe popup menu will appear asking you to choose what you want to attach. Choose “Document”.

Another menu appears enabling you to choose the document you intend to send

Send Document

Once you’ve chosen the desired document, just click the “Send” button.

The recipient receives the document shortly. The speed of delivery is dependent on the size of the document and your internet connection speed. Just like downloads, uploading larger documents takes longer, consequently requires a longer time to send.

Note, if you are sending docs via the WhatsApp desktop, you simply use the paperclip button at the top right of the screen.

Final word

Just like Gmail or Skype, use WhatsApp for document sharing. Whatsapp messages use encryption, therefore, the chance of the document falling in wrong hands is extremely minimized.

You are now spoilt of a choice on options to use to send documents. Nonetheless, WhatsApp is your best shot for informal and social messaging. It does it quickly, easily, and in a casual manner.