As I write this piece, there’s a desperate attempt to silence me. They don’t want any information to come out. But the good thing is the information is already out, it is only that the people are yet to see it.

Sun.Star Bacolod editorial cartoon on ghost projects

Disclaimer: I’m not going to say anything other than point out some facts. But first and foremost, I’d like you to know that I’m a critic of the seating Ruaraka MP, TJ Kajwang. People will tell you lots of things about me in that regard and they would want you to take anything I say, in regards to Ruaraka, with a pinch of salt. However, it is nothing personal, I only disagree with my MP on morals and principle.  I would, therefore, want you to verify the facts that I’m going to put across before you dismiss or accept them.

Ruaraka Constituency, CDF, TJ Kajwang
Ruaraka Constituency as shown on Google Maps

Hon. TJ Kajwang is the first MP of Ruaraka Constituency, which was divested from the larger Kasarani Constituency.  The latter also included Roysambu, Kasarani, and Kariobangi North Ward, which is now in Embakasi North Constituency. The defunct constituency had Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro, Hon. William Omondi and the late Hon. Adolph Muchiri as its last three members of parliament.

Disbursement todate

Since its inception, Ruaraka has received Kshs. 446,323,438.89, spread across the past five financial years. While these disbursements have often been made public in the major dailies, not many of the constituents have taken their time to follow up and see what these monies have been used for. This has given the people in charge the space to swindle these monies and use fake papers to justify the projects. I want us together to audit Ruaraka Constituency, not only the accounts, but also the said projects.

Financial YearAmount (Kshs.)
Grand Total446,323,438.89

Financial Year 2013/2014

With an allocation of Kshs. 67,610,957, Ruaraka had proposed a number of projects. However, most of the projects were meant to make service delivery and the work of the CDF committee easier. It involved the purchase of a car, acquiring of an office and buying of furniture and office equipment.

I will ignore the cases of inflated costs and allocating money to projects with pending court battles. In this financial year, I have a problem with two projects namely,  the Development of Constituency website and a five year Strategic Plan. The two projects cost Kshs. 490,780 and Kshs. 1,800,000 respectively.

Kindly search “Ruaraka Constituency” and if you are able to get a URL to the constituency website then don’t continue reading this piece. While you are wondering how the people of Ruaraka paid for close to a half a million for a non-existing website, some “bloggers without borders” will be hired to fight this claim as mere propaganda meant to tarnish the name of their beloved MP.

As for the 5-year constituency strategic plan, I can reliably report to you here that we did it for free. I was among the 10 people from Utalii Ward who the MP mandated to talk to the community and come up with projects proposals. There were other groups of 10 people from the four other wards. No money was paid to work on this plan. So I was shocked to see such information on the portal.

Financial Year 2014/2015

If by now you’ve not passed the Ruaraka CDF committee as a gang of thieves, then studying the projects of the financial year 2014/2015 will make you think twice. But if you’ve already passed a harsh judgement on them, here you will lack words to describe these members.

But before I even go further, I would like you to help me describe a water storm. This is a project that has widely featured in the 2014/2015 Ruaraka CDF spending.

The first Water Storm Project that makes an appearance in the expenditure is recorded to have been constructed in Mathare 4A, at an Area called Baghdad! Do you remember the landslide that killed dozens of people in Mathare in the year 2012? Yes, the Waterstorm, or whatever it is, is said to have been constructed there at a cost of Kshs. 3,000,000. There’s nothing that could be far from the truth than this. I’ve been a resident of Mathare 4A all my life until very recently, I can comfortably tell this is a scam. So just like that, a cool 3 million has been swindled from the kitty.

A similar project is said to have been implemented at Ngomongo in Korogocho ward at the same cost. Interestingly, there’s no such thing at Ngomongo.

The Ruaraka CDF also claims to have bought a tent and chairs at a cost of Ksh. 2,000,000. Interestingly, during all the constituency functions, the constituency hires tents and chairs. The constituency does not have its own tents or chairs. So it makes us wonder what is the name of the company that was paid Kshs. 2,000,000 for the chairs and where did it deliver them?

The biggest of the ghost projects is the Mathare North Modern Market allocated a total of Kshs. 20,056,000. Mathare North has only one market, which is opposite Mathare North Primary School. I’ve grown knowing this market. No improvement has ever been done to it. So where was the ” Mathare North Modern Market” constructed? I’ve tried to ask the people around Ruaraka Constituency, not a single person knows the location of this market, not even those working at the Ruaraka CDF and Constituency offices.

I hope we are going to have a good conversation about this!  Remember a good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.  So as we do the maths to see just how much has vanished in Ruaraka over the first two years of TJ’s reign,  let me take a break to sip my evening coffee.