I’m an avid soccer fan; a religious follower of the gunners, Arsenal FC. I also bet on soccer matches, and I find Betin Kenya so satisfying than the other betting sites. So today I want to share with you why I choose Betin over the rest.

1. High Number of Matches

June and July is usually the off-season of European football as the major European leagues break. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no games. We have the local leagues, as well as the South American and Asian leagues. Betin offers you a huge number of matches. If you miss a game at Betin, then chances are you won’t find it anywhere else.

2. High Number of Options

Betin Kenya has over 100 betting options, from goal scorers to time of goals. It provides you with a variety of options that would help you manage the games that you are not able to foretell a specific outcome. With these options, you lower your risk of losing.

3. Variety of Types of Bet

Betin has the conventional direct betting, the Betin combo, split bet and live bet. With these options you can minimize the risk of losing, and bet the games that started before you wager. You can bet as the game plays on.

4. Book a Bet

There are times you’ve analyzed your matches but you are not yet ready to wager in. Booking the bet gives you the opportunity not to misplace the games; instead you can reserve them and bet later, provided none of the games will have started then.

book a bet

5. Cost

Betin is the only site that allows you deposit free of charge. The minimum amount to benefit from this opportunity is Kshs. 250. The amount the mobile carriers charge for money transfer is credited back into your betting account. However, if deposit less than Kshs. 250, you’ll have to bear the cost of the transfer.

Deposit Charge Back


charge back

Do you have a Betin Kenya account yet? If you don’t, here is a reason why you should. Betin gives you a welcome bonus of 50% of your first deposit. However, the minimum deposit is Kshs. 300, and you must put a bet with cumulative odd of at least 3.0.

50% Karibu Bonus

50 parcent

For example, if you deposit five thousand today at Betin, the fee the mobile carrier charged for the transfer will be credited back to your account. And on top of this, you will receive a 50% bonus of the deposit, so in this case, you’ll get a bonus of Kshs. 2,500. Join now and take advantage of this offer!

Note, the maximum joining bonus is limited at Kshs. 5,000, so don’t deposit Kshs. 20,000 and wager it expecting to get Kshs. 10,000 betting bonus.

Do you have other features that exhilarate you, or do you have a Kenyan site that offers better options than these? I will appreciate your additions.