Jubilee Stole Our Future, We Must Reclaim it at all cost

The most valuable asset I’ve in this life is my future, which is, in fact, my life. If you dare steal it away from me, then I’d rather die now than succumb to a life of servitude.

In virtually all religions, the almighty God calls us to fight for what is right. A fight is only as worthy as its cause. You should only fight for what’s right; you should use strength to love and protect what is right in consistency with our religious beliefs, but not to inflict pain or harm to others.

Fighting and violence may be warrior brothers, but what separates them are how they use the virtue of strength. Using extreme force is what heralds violence.

We the youths of this country, instead of pledging to VOTE PEACE, we should make a vow to fight to protect what’s rightfully ours, that is if anybody dares steal it from us. Our cause must be to deliver ourselves from the life of oppression, neglect and the disrespect, as it has been the case in the subsequent government regimes.

We are the majority, yet we are the jobless. We are jobless because the people in power don’t give a damn about us. Nobody in the current government cares about creating quality jobs for our young population.

The person we have in charge is a billionaire who spent virtually all his youthhood overseas. His deputy, who calls himself a hustler, seems to have mastered the art of looting from his political mentors. He is erecting a series of skyscrapers in virtually every county in this country. The duo is unquestionably not the right choice to take us across the river Jordan.

Let us all Kenyans, in particular, the youths of this country direct our pent-up energy and drive towards uprooting this failed administration.

Let us let them know that deploying the military will not help the situation. The Kenyan youth will ONLY accept the results of a free and fair election. I call upon the young people of this country to stand firm on this and condemn in one voice any military action on civilian ahead of NANE NANE.

Meanwhile, the NGOs minting money from the international donors in the name of preaching peace to preach justice instead, for as it is an annexure in history that peace is not the nonexistence of tension, but rather the presence of justice.


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