Ruaraka CDF looted Big time Under TJ

My Ruaraka brothers and sisters, it is just over two weeks before we go to the polling centres to cast our votes. I understand that we are all pro-change and pro-development. I appeal to you to exercise maximum caution when voting. You must vet the leaders you want to represent you over the next five years.

The greatest concern I have is in regards to the constituency election. We are going to elect a member of parliament who will represent us in the most powerful house in the land. You dare not forget how the current parliament has served us. You must not forget the manner in which these Member of Parliament conducted their affairs. How they unfairly allocated themselves colossal amounts at the expense of other civil servants.

The decision to correct the evil in the current parliament must start in our constituency, where our very own TJ Kajwang hails from. TJ has overseen a looting spree in his reign. He colluded with Jubilee in the NYS scam and has seen his cronies steal from our constituency without a word.  We can only believe that he was part of this looting cabal. In this article, I want to expose how our money has been stolen in the name of projects that never saw the light.


The information I share is what the Ruaraka Constituency Development Fund has presented to the national government. The information is available at the National Government CDF portal.






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