In 2006, Norwegian referee Ole Hermann Borgan was stripped of his assistant refereeing duties ahead of Arsenal vs Barcelona clash in Paris after he was spotted on a Catalan giant’s replica jersey.

Uhuru Kenyatta met the Dubai Printing firm awarded the ballot papers printing tender ahead of the tendering. There are also rumors that Uhuru’s son is a shareholder in this firm. There is therefore conflicts of interest and the best way IEBC can solve this impasse is by cancelling the tender.IMG_7028

First, IEBC must stop hiding behind the time factor, we would rather be late than conduct a sham elections.

Secondly, IEBC had already done the tendering. Just like race, tendering produces medalist and losers. And in any championship, if the medalist is found to have cheated, the best loser is awarded the medal. Therefore, let IEBC award the tender to the best loser.

The 2017 elections must be free and fair. It must be done in an honest manner and IEBC must move with haste to tame any shred of doubt. Let IEBC learn from the 2006 UEFA decision and do what is right.

Darubini mar ogada


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