It is all guns blazing as Ongoro and Ayungo seek to unseat TJ

The former National Youth Council chairman Jim Clement Ayungo

Suppose your cousin has raised you. This is after your mother went with another man leaving you with a drunkard father who cared less for you. The father got married to another woman and forgot about you.

Your cousin takes you in, wipes your tears and gives you the comfort you could only have had in your dreams. You eventually come of age, and God blesses you abundantly like HE does to abandoned children (read the story of Joseph, the son of Jacob).

TJ ahead of Firimbi Movement Demos against IEBC

With the floodgate of opportunities wide open for you, your father realizes that you exist. Your mother remembers that she had a child. Despite the fact that she did not even bother how you schooled or who helped you do your homework, she comes back, this time with all sorts of lies. She tells you how your father never wanted her to visit you.

The three – the cousin, father and mother – are now fighting for your custody. They go to court. The father claims you are his biological child and wants you back.

ODM Nominated Senator, who is the former MP of the defunct Kasarani Constituency

The mother insists that she is your mom, (she carried you for nine months). She blames your father for her disappearing act! She argues that he blocked her to visit you. The cousin, being an outsider, decides that you are the only one who can choose who to live with! The jury will decide this case in March.

The ball is in your court Ruarakans; you can choose:

1. TJ: The drunkard father who bullied you, got married to another woman and forgot about you.
2. Ongoro: The mother who abandoned and forgot about you. She claims your father never wanted her to visit you. You hardly remember her.

3. Ayungo: The cousin who watched over you after both your parents rejected you.

Ruaraka you were abandoned, never forget that!


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