Manual Voter Identification May be Necessary

Jubilee and CORD just love the game; flexing their muscles unnecessarily! And also think we Kenyans just love standoffs; biometrics cannot read faded fingers.

Let us have a serious debate without the influence of Johnny Walker, Shisha or any other substance. We must evaluate all the possibilities. We must not make laws that will only block our people from voting!

I guess most of us CORD supporters work in the Juakali sector. Suppose we succeed in blocking manual identification, what becomes of our followers?

Let’s say all goes well and no machine fails, but as a welder, filler imesmoothen my fingers to the extent that my finger prints ni shida kusomeka, how then can I vote?

IEBC, Jubilee, CORD, 2017 Elections
IEBC as depicted by a renowned cartoonist!

IEBC must also be impartial! It doesn’t matter whether CORD kicked them out or not. The commissioners are in a constitutional office and they must do what the same constitution dictates as long as they still earn the salary from that position.

As a referee, it is a suspect for you to consult one team and hide behind it to push your agenda. It only means you’ve already taken sides though the match is yet to start.

If IEBC has an issue with the negotiated laws, it should come out in the open and request the negotiating team to make room for manual identification of voters.

The right thing to do is to go back to the Orengo-Kiraitu led team for negotiations on electoral laws. But trying to force amendments down the throats of MPs, whether the laws are right or wrong, is anarchic!

The bottom line let both the government and the opposition find middle grounds on this so that we can move this nation forward.

This country must not be lead on a bottle of Johnny Walker!


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