Mathare Says No to X-Mass without Water

Developing Story: The residents of Mathare have blocked the busy Juja road protesting the lack of water for the past five days. The group burnt tires and stoned passing vehicles demanding that Nairobi Water reconnects the water supply.

No traffic in Juja Road as youths engage police in running battles

“It is now five days with our taps running dry. No communication whatsoever has been given!” lamented a female protester who sought anonymity.
“Kwani watu wa Mathare si watu? No water no Christmas,” she concluded.

Uniformed and plain cloth officers contain the situation at Mathare No. 10

Mathare No. 10 has seen similar protests, with common one caused by power outages. It is in the same spot that a Foward Travellers SACCO matatu was burnt to ashes during the anti-IEBC demonstrations.

Foward travellers Matatu chooses alternative route
Foward travellers Matatu chooses alternative route
Mathare, Juja Road, Water Shortage, Nairobi County
Vehicles choose alternative route after Mathare youths block Juja Road.

So far we’ve not received any response from Nairobi Water and the Nairobi County Government. However, as at now, it seems the Mathare Administration Police have contained the situation.

There have been reports of mugging during the protest. Stay with us as follow the story!


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