Jubilee Seems Ready, but CORD Are We?


In the TV series Perception, Dr. Pierce defines reality as a figment of one’s imagination.

Another similar quote is Albert Einstein’s statement that Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Let us not wag into the perception versus reality debate and head straight to the point. Can CORD, its bamboozled state notwithstanding, beat Jubilee in the upcoming elections, or are we imagining it?

The perception created out there is that we are ill-prepared and too weak to win the 2017 battle. Ruto takes every opportunity to remind us that they will beat us hands down.

But going by the recent turn of events, it could just not be a perception but a reality.

Preparation is essential, but it seems we are talking more and doing less in regards to devising strategies for the looming 2017 battle. Our ultimate goal is the presidency, but we must also remember that it would be a herculean task for our president to implement our party or coalition’s manifesto if we don’t get the numbers in both houses, and have most counties manned by our governors.

Take for instance in Nairobi; Sen. Ongoro still doesn’t know which seat she should contest. Embakasi North is yet to get a strong ODM candidate, and we don’t even know who will be gunning down for the Nairobi Senators position on our ticket.

If you can recall, this is one of the reasons that rendered us a minority coalition in both houses. The Change Movement forced Sen. Ongoro to step down to accommodate an academic dwarf who had overestimated her abilities. And until the very last minute, CORD didn’t have a county MP hopeful. For lack of preparedness, we lost these two important seats in Nairobi, despite winning both the presidential and gubernatorial elections in the Capital. The self-proclaimed bishop, together with her son who we adopted, has since defected to Jubilee.

If you are reading this and can influence decisions at Orange house, let ODM and its siblings work harder on the perception. What we see out here is that Jubilee is more prepared for the August 2017 elections than we are. While I agree that some decision must be kept secret, our supporters must look at us and see that “WE ARE READY,” just as our 2013 slogan stated.

The bottom line is what we see in Pangani cannot be defined by anything other than SET for the race. We may say hii ni Eurobond, but will that help us? My heart can not take another defeat. Our losing streak is getting longer.If we are having a problem with the finances, tell members and well wishers to contribute. It won’t hurt me if I can give out a thousand shillings or so to fund Jakom’s campaigns. And I know there are hundreds of thousands like me out there, some willing to give even more. After all mkono mtupu haulambwi bwana, so leteni paybill kama pesa ndio shida. Otherwise we would love see improvements.


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