Raila has done his part, Luos now do yours

This hashtag ya #AwakeningNyanza ni nini? When Raila was the PM, Nyanza saw its infrastructure improve to the best level ever. Many lives changed as a result of the constitution that Raila single-highhandedly campaigned for! Just to remind you, the Uhuruto you are shifting allegiance to never stood for this constitution, neither did Kalonzo. At least Ruto was man enough to openly reject it.

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Back to our topic, the infrastructure in Nyanza was left in good shape by the right Hon. Prime Minister. Kisumu now has a superhighway. Pesa iko mashinani courtesy of the Odinga you now despise.

I’m so exasperated when I see posts discrediting Raila, saying he has never brought any development in Nyanza. Kwani Kisumu airport was an initiative ya Mama Yenyu? The Siaya-Nyadorera road ni nyinyi mlipanga? Since I’ve no interests in Homabay and Migori, I don’t know the development witnessed in Homabay or Migori. However, I know, and you know it too, that there are at least one or two things that happened there while RAO was in power.

Raila amepea 47 governors, 47 women reps, 47 elected senators and hundreds of MCAs, and county executives kazi. What else do you guys want him to do? Should he impregnate your wives or mothers to accept that he has played his part?

You say Raila’s only interest in 2017 elections is to sell certificates. But kwani do you want him to give them out for free? How then will ODM, the mightiest party in the land, fund its campaigns? And again who has forced you to vie on an ODM ticket? Why can’t you go out there independently and see if there will be no fees incurred? Omera kik ithing’ wiwa!

Raila’s only mistake maybe failing to be the president of this republic, but again this is not entirely his fault! How can he be president when you can’t vote him in? If you are looking for anyone to blame for this failure then all you need to do is look in the mirror. Yes, you, a Luo who lives with an ever horny woman but with no ID Card. And you too, who has his wife register in kapango but ferry her back to pacho eti there’ll be violence.

I know the demise of Kabetes hurt your pockets and bank accounts, but does it mean you go to bed with the same people that killed him? Shame on you! Castigating Raila will not make you a better political critic; it rather makes you what the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo once described in an interview as a successful aparo hunter. Please kula Eurobond umalize!


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