A letter to my MP, TJ Kajwang

TJ, Kajwang, Ayungo, woman, widow, youth, leadership
While addressing the people of Korogocho ward in Gomongo

TJ Kajwang, Wod Japuonj, Kilo or Nyakwar Nyakwamba, I hope this letter finds you in perfect health. I know we don’t see eye to eye lately, despite the fact that I was one of your foot soldiers in the past campaign. I may not be your fan, but I bet you can still take my advice. I have a few things to share with you.

Last weekend, while in Kochland, you made some statements that I find vexatious and demeaning to the office you hold. You insulted a widow, who I will not mention her name for her safety. You said she killed her husband. If nobody has already told you that this move was wrong, then let me be the one to do it. It is repugnant to insult a woman, worst of all a widow, in public!

I know the pain of losing the head of a family. I lost my father way back in 1998. Ever since my mother has taken the responsibility of the head and has singlehandedly raised us. I can’t imagine you telling her something like that. But because you did it to another woman, I can’t rule out the possibility of you telling her or any other widow, including your late brother’s wife, the same thing.

In the community where I was brought up, I was trained to respect women, whether they are my sisters or mothers. I don’t know what your people taught you, but to me, it is highly inappropriate to stand on a podium and malign the name of a woman, just because she chose another contender over you.  Must every woman sing your song? Must Ruaraka women who are in politics dance with you on the podium as others do? Can’t a Ruaraka woman just make her decision on who to support without being coerced, intimidated or insulted by you or your people?

Secondly, you blasted the former National Youth Council chairperson Jim Clement Ayungo, who has expressed interest in unseating you as the Ruaraka MP. You said he is hardly grown enough to succeed you, and neither does he earn enough to challenge you.

“Nyathi ma pod eka ni nigi igni 29 podi okodonjo 30 to chamo Ksh. 40,000 bende piem koda,” you angrily lamented.

Let me remind you that the same parliament you sit in as the MP of Ruaraka, has young men and women who represent other constituencies and interest groups. Our very own Hon. Silvance Osele is in that parliament. How old was he when he was elected the MP for Kasipul? Unless you’ve forgotten, Osele came from a humble background. Ask your constituency manager; he is more informed on this than I’m.

ODM as a party has given us youths the freehand to participate in politics, not just as spectators, but as protagonists. The saying that youths are the leaders of tomorrow has been passed by time, and we believe we are the leaders of today.

As a lawyer, perhaps you should let us know if there is any constitutional requirement in this regard that Ayungo contravenes by eyeing a seat in parliament. But if there isn’t any, and since Ruaraka is not your birthright, anyone wishing to challenge you will be embraced.

Still on your outrageous outburst in Koch, you displayed a character that I detest in you the most. You are a leader known for judging people based on their ethnicity. While it may be normal in Kenya, yours has transcended the normal limits to the extent of basing arguments on clans.

“Jokarungu gin adii ei Ruaraka kaa?” you posed!

Lest we forget, don’t you remember that it is Omollo Fred, together with his brother Omollo Ken, who held your hand when you first came here, the defunct Kasarani constituency? Don’t you know that they are from Karungu? So does it mean that if you come from Karungu, you have no right to vie for a political seat in Ruaraka? If that is the case, then you should perhaps also tell us how many people that live in Ruaraka come from your clan. Besides, had this same argument been used in your native home, you know pretty well that the Kajwang dynasty would be nothing but a mirage. So don’t go there!

Mheshimiwa politics is just like seduction! There is no guarantee that a lady you approach must accept you. Some will accept you, others reject you, and others ridicule you. The risk of rejection is one thing that courts both seduction and politics. And even when a lady accepts you, she may never be with you forever, owing to your inadequacies. If she chooses to leave, you can’t stand in her way. So accept that we all can’t love or hate you.

I have a lot to tell you, but let me today end it there. Thank you for enduring this long letter. Meanwhile, if you wish, continue insulting us, threatening us with police and your thugs, but just know that you will never kill our spirit. Our determination is beyond reproach and collectively we have decided that you must be voted out of Ruaraka.



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