Kick TJ Out of Ruaraka

It is time we say enough is enough, TJ Out

Today I want to talk to my friends, brothers, and sisters about our political destiny. I know that over 90% of members of this forum are youths. I don’t have to count manually to know this fact, after all, we are the largest demographic in this country. This numerical advantage we enjoy should not be in vain, and it is why we must talk about our political destiny.

Well, it is no longer a secret that I am voting for Jim Clement Ayungo for Ruaraka MP in the ODM primaries in the run to the next general election. It is an option I’ve evaluated for the past two years, and I cannot revert it. Let me explain why!

Jim is the former chair of the National Youth Council (NYC), a position that made him a director of the National Youth Fund. NYC, whose slogan is the voice of youth, is a government agency that should agitate for the rights of youths in this country.

Jim, or Ayungo as most of you call him, made the youths of this country feel the existence of the NYC. It is no secret that since he left the agency has gone under. We no longer hear of delegates meetings, and there are no more forums to attend. I remember in 2014, 21 youths, and I had the opportunity to represent Kenyan youths in Arusha courtesy of the NYC. But now the agency has lost touch with the youths of this country. I hope the new chair Atemo will work hard to restore the image his friend had cut for this institution.

Why would I vote for someone like Jim Clement when the incumbent is amongst the top brains in ODM? Besides, the incumbent is a lawyer, not just a lawyer but a good one you may say. It is not about who TJ is, but about what he has achieved since we elected him.

The primary roles of a member of parliament are legislation, representation, and oversight. I can accurately say that TJ has only been doing one of those three duties, legislation. The dude doesn’t understand the needs of his constituents and therefore cannot purport to represent us.

And even for legislation part, we are yet to see a bill that touches on the needs of Wanjiku tabled in parliament by our MP. He sits in the justice and legal affairs committee, and if you can remember, he never raised an alarm over the security bill. It is only Opondo Kaluma, the Homabay town MP, who pushed for amendments. TJ was too busy kissing speaker Muturi’s ass to care about the consequences of those legislations.

I won’t deny, this constituency and the country as a whole, is at a point where candidates have to dish handout to be heard. The situation is not of our own making, but it is a result of lack of empowerment opportunities. We the people of Ruaraka should elect somebody who exactly knows what we want. For example, the parliament could pass a law that requires at least 30% of an organization staffs to be locals. Too bad the guy at the helm is a spoiled brat, whose father was a secondary school head teacher early in the 80’s. He does not understand the problems most of the people face. He could easily say we chose this quandary.

Still on representation, Ruaraka is a cosmopolitan constituency, and we expect this to be represented in everything we do. There is nothing more that can define TJ than the composition of his CDFC and constituency staffs.

In normal cases, I would say he is tribal, but this is far beyond that. His staffs are strictly Luos; there no is a single Luhya, Kamba, or Kisii in his office, but remember these tribes form a large demographic in Ruaraka. And even in the case of Luos, his choices are limited to South Nyanza, if not Homabay County. I know his people will quickly react to this with some cooked up names, but let me assure you, this is a research I have done. There is only one Kamba lady, whose role is not even clearly defined. This selfish selection is even reflected in the CDF bursaries. They no longer publish the list of beneficiaries because it reveals this surreptitious act.

When Jim was in the NYC, all of those who paid him a visit can support me on this, his staff reflected his nationhood. Walter Bulleti, a Luhya, served as his PA and up to now they still keep a cordial relationship. He has friends that cut across the tribal line. You can’t tell me such a person would change once he is in this office.

While it is not wrong to employ people from your community, you must spread the opportunities to reflect the people you claim to represent. It is a shame that our party works hard to create a national image, but the likes of TJ ruins it at the slightest opportunity. What do you think members of other community think of Raila when they see such condescending acts?

As for oversight, it is a collective failure of parliament. Our MPs have become a bunch of auctioneers who sell our rights to the highest bidders. We’ve seen many instances where our party leader is solely left to battle the Jubilee government. For example, Raila singlehandedly kept the government on toes over the Eurobond saga. Most of the people didn’t believe that the money was indeed stolen until Jacob Juma was brutally killed.

Are you still with me? Well, we can say that the leadership of Ruaraka Constituency is terrible.  And not unless I’m all the fault of fussy, you must have seen why we must vote TJ out. His replacement will be none other than Jim Clement Ayungo. A man who overcame his tough childhood upbringing to pierce his way to the top. He will treat our mothers with respect because he knows what single mothers go through to bring up a child. He will offer orphans solace because he became an orphan at a young age. Most importantly, he will serve us well, because he understands our problems. And with this, I say “Kick TJ out of Ruaraka.”


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