After Uhuru Kenyatta suffered a humiliating defeat in 2002, it is Raila who gave him a lifeline by joining hands to beat Kibaki in the 2005 referendum. He later decamped to the government side.

The 2002 whipping of KANU left its champions as nobodies. The likes of Ruto were relegated to the peripheries of Kenyan politics. But through Raila’s euphoria of the 2005 referendum, Ruto got a life. While he (Ruto) is now known to be a megalomaniac, he wouldn’t have survived the storm had he not clung on Jakom’s court.

In 2002 Mudavadi failed to join the KANU rebels after he was offered the vice presidency, but he would then be mortified by the little known Moses Akaranga. It is Raila who then took him back in the run up to 2007 elections. By just touching Raila’s court, he became relevant and even landed the running mate position in the 2007 elections.

Then you can remember how Kalonzo crisscrossed African countries with the shuttle diplomacy initiative to help UhuRuto. And he also tried to work things out with the two in the name of KKK alliance only to be shortchanged and dumped in the Kenyan political dustbin. It is Raila who picked him up, polished him and gave him a lifeline.

And I cannot be through with this piece without mentioning how the hardliner Moses Masika Wetangula worked hard for the Kibaki government. Weta, as we call him in CORD, was one of the Serena negotiators that created the grand coalition government. He was a staunch supporter of PNU that almost got him in VISA trouble. But for all these troubles, he was relegated to the peripheries close to the Kenyan political dustbin. He was picked up from all these troubles; his Ford Kenya party revamped and his then fading political career revamped. This generosity came from no one other than Jakom.

Jakom is Kenyan politics and politics is Jakom. Every “big” politician you see today has been put together, if not manufactured, by Raila. So if Ababu Namwamba leaves, Raila will make another.


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