CORD MPs Sleep at Jubilee’s Vulnerable Moments

TJ and other CORD MPs are a big let down

TJ, CORD, Jubilee, MPs
TJ during distribution of bursaries to parents and students in Utalii ward

I had the opportunity today to listen to the person I elected in 2013 to be my MP and Raila’s soldier.

It is a pity that TJ had nothing to tell us other than Jubilee killed Jacob Juma, IEBC Must Go, and Uhuruto Must Go. These are the same things we hear on radio and TV. They have become the songs we hear in demos and CORD rallies.

It surprises me, that even as sharp as people claim TJ is he could not talk about the simmering feud in Jubilee. It is not a coincidence that Governor Kabogo and Senator Paul Njoroge reason the same way. And remember, as useless or clueless Tony Gachoka may be thought to be, he also stated the same thing a few months ago on #JKL.

The jubilee side is wounded by Kikuyu leaders’ opinions towards Ruto’s 2022 ambition. If Uhuru’s PR unit could respond to the Paul Njoroge’s statement, it is indeed serious, and I wonder how on earth can TJ and the entire CORD brigade it. Or must Raila delve into the matter the way he singlehandedly handled the Kuria’s onslaught on the ICC matter?

As the person I elected, I expect more from TJ when it comes to the national politics.  As it is in 48 rules of power, this is the time to annihilate our enemy, in both mind and spirit. We must not allow them recover from this blunder.

We must beat Jubilee in every debate regardless of which side initiate it. We can’t be yelling UhuRuto Out and blowing whistles, yet there is no strategy we’ve put in place to help us achieve this goal.


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