Nation Editor fired for lecturing Uhuru on Leadership

Denis Galava, an editor at Nation Media Group (NMG), has been fired for lecturing the president to exercise leadership in 2016. Through his Twitter account, Galava informed his followers that he had been fired. The writer had written an editorial, published on January 1, criticizing Uhuru Kenyatta for “the almost criminal resignation and negligence”!

garavaThe news comes in the wake of the accusation that the Jubilee government was so determined to control the media. The government has bent hell-bent to killing Kenyan democracy and freedom of expression by stifling dissent and undermining the independence of the civil society and the media. Just the other day it accused social media users of sharing gory images of our fallen soldiers in Somalia. It says that sharing such content is aimed at instilling fear and helping spread the Al Shabaab propaganda. Already one person has been arraigned in court for this act; meanwhile, no information is coming from the government side.president get your act

While Galava might have stepped on the toe of the big guy, he had a point. In th article dubbed “Mr President, get your act together this year“, he states that unemployment is on the rise as people are losing their jobs (now he included) joining the other millions of desperate youth, who despite having an education, have never known a job. He also atones that Kenyans will not cheer the commander in chief when his office threatens our nationhood, which is its sustenance. (Read the complete article here)

The firing of Galava confirms the fears of many that the media has gone in bed with the executive. While NMG might have another reason not known to us, clearly this act is paying patronage to the government. It will be remembered that the celebrated investigative journalist Muhammed Ali left the media house after a short stint citing censoring of his work.

Meanwhile, ahmednasir abdullahi (or the Grand Mullah as he is commonly known), has criticized the government for the runaway corruption. “This government, apparently made of two tribes, are stealing with impunity,” he said.

“Why is every billionaire in this country having a history in civil service?” wondered the lawyer who has represented Ann Waiguru in a corruption case. He was speaking on a live TV show dubbed Jeff Koinage Live.


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