The only x-mass gift I got

xmas giftIt is normal for people to expect gifts from friends and family during this festive season. I expected that somebody surprise me with one, and indeed I got one, except that it was an extra-ordinary one. Here is the Christmas gift I got from a friend,  Maxy the Poet:

This Man Spunner

One moment he’ll split all manner of particulars enshrined in world football,

And the other,

He will plunge into active if not perilous politics

Despite of malignant pitfall

Orchestrated and heartlessly frame for his downfall


This man spunner,

Albeit short in all illustratable manner

Has beurocrated global labyrinth and affair to his full advantage,

And quite often than not,

Picks up debates, modestly sets up platforms to squeeze out dumbness in a peculiar with rather fictious knot


I tell you what?

At such settings

This genius clobbers you apparent facts

And doesn’t spare you from the warmth of his well molded verbal smacks


To some he annoys,

An outright “dwarfy” charter box

On would lament

An “ochola-hollic” victim, another would reinforce-fully cement.

Still though he maintains tract of his demeanor

Fixing by means of twisting

Eventually holding his audience not by arm

But by rather his sincere conviction, gaze and alarm

While his eyes secretly ablaze with pangs of authority


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