Please media, kill the ICC Debate

The media must reveal the hypocrisy surrounding the ICC debate

I vividly remember the year that Kenya broke loose, the year that we nearly took this country to the dogs, the year 2007. In the run-up to the December elections, there were aggressive campaigns by all political parties, but the epitome of it all were two of the then largest sides, ODM and PNU. The eight provinces of Kenya were either orange or blue. But the vast majority was orange, with only Mt. Kenya region being a blue zone.

But that was then, and I don’t want to talk about those campaigns. I will not talk about how the campaigns set centre stage for 2007/08 post-election violence. I will not speak of the venomous speeches that were given by the two leading sides during those campaign rallies. Today, I want to talk about the ongoing ICC Debate, and why it should stop forthwith!

Our country broke loose because our peace was fake. When the truth came out, our house crumbled. But here we are at it again, with a myriad of lies; one lie after another! What is even perplexing is the fact that we are slowly consuming this lie, just as Vladimir Lenin once said, a lie often told enough times becomes the truth. Are we going to keep watching as the propagandists continue to employ the Adolph Hitler tactics in our county? What is the media doing in the sight of this occurrence?

The media has taken an ostrich role in this debate.  One lie about ICC after another, yet the chief watchdog has buried its head in the sand.

Meanwhile, the ICC debate continues to enjoy undeserved media attention. It is doing this at the expense of the plight of students who are currently sitting their final exams despite missing classes for at least four weeks, thanks to the teachers strike. We have a disaster in waiting: people are living in seriously dangerous locations with El Nino rains coming but do this matter?

Hunting for the ICC truth

the ICC Debate, Ruto, ICC
Ruto at the ICC

Only the truth can put the ICC matter to rest once and for all. So who fixed Ruto at Hague? As the Jubilee side would want us to believe, it is Raila who did this. But the opposition, CORD, also have their narrative; Ruto was their comrade then and there was no way Raila could fix a fellow Pentagon member.

Raila and Ruto, though both their names start with the letter “R”, no longer see eye to eye and Jubilee is determined to keep it that way. CORD, on the other hand, wants Rift Valley vote block so badly that they are willing to tell lies to win it back. However, there is no way through, except through the DP. As a result, the ICC debate rages on, full of lies, accusations and counter accusations. But deep in the midst of these lies, lays the truth. So who will help us pin the truth?

Some people know something out there yet they have played numb over this matter, as we keep rotating in this circle of lies. They include:

The Kenyan Media

ICC debate, lies, propaganda
What we should know about lies

First and foremost, it is the Kenyan media. Why has the media refused to tell the public the truth? Or are they being paid or threatened to keep reporting lies after lies, when they very well know the truth?

I understand that our media has grown frail since the 2007/08 violence. The investigations into the 2007/08 PEV pointed a finger at the Kenyan media for fueling the violence. The report argued that they escalated the violence by their reporting. Ever since, media has opted to lie to Kenyans in the guise of promoting peaceful coexistence. You can remember the exceptional attention the media gave the phrase “ACCEPT and MOVE ON”.

But why should the ruling class tell us lies and get away with it? We Kenyans forget quickly, and so I’m appealing to any Kenyan media house that cares to listen, to remind us how we went to the ICC. We want all the statements made by every player in this debate. Perhaps this way we are going to close this discussion once and for all.

We don’t need to be afraid of the truth; only the truth shall keep us truly safe. Whether it is peace or calm, whatever you choose to call it, we have in Kenya; we can’t build it on deceit.

What do the ODM Pentagon Members know?

The media should get the defunct Pentagon members and Kibaki’s powerful ministers to shade light on this matter. I understand some have already swapped sides, as it is usually the case in Kenyan politics.

The defectors include DP William Ruto himself, the former Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi and the other Pentagon members, the then members of cabinet Martha Karua (Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister) and Bungoma Senator Hon. Moses Wetangula (Foreign Affairs) and the immediate former Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka.

Karim Khan, Ruto, ICC debate, ICC
Ruto’s Lawyer Karim Khans points a finger at the PNU operatives

It is time Ruto freed this country from his perpetual lies. He should come out clean and free Rift Valley from his lies. Through his lawyers, Ruto revealed the PNU government operatives who forced his name to the Waki Report and ICC respectively. He should tell us why at the ICC, he is saying another thing and here his operatives are preaching another narrative. And why has the media failed to point consistently the link between the people who Karim Khan, Ruto’s Lawyer, name as Ruto’s fixers and the political class? Where is the truth?

Is the loud silence a sign of guilt?

Why is there conspicuous silence from the CORD co-principles on this matter that touch on the very core of their coalition? This is my personal plea:

With due respect Bungoma Senator Hon. Wetangula, you were the foreign affairs minister then and you were deep into this, perhaps more than anyone else was. Why can’t you shade more light here? And your Excellency Kalonzo Musyoka, I’ve honoured you to call you that and you know it. I want you to return the favour and tell us what you know about the ICC matter. It is a time you wade into this debate with the aggression it deserves. I know you have your rivalry issues with Ruto, but as long as you want power, you will need the Rift Valley votes and so tell them the truth.

Unless the two of you are guilty or believe that the ICC matter is Raila’s problem to deal with, you must shade light on this issue. Your silence is conspicuously loud.


I’ve decided to give the media the poison to kill the ICC debate once and for all. Let us ask the people mentioned above and their ilk the hard questions. I’m tired of seeing the same faces on TV interviews. The media houses should now stop hosting the likes of the current MPs, Ngunjiri Wambugu, Makau Mutua, Chris Kirubi, Barrack Muluka and other deranged self-proclaimed political advisers. We want new faces who can give another angle of this debate, and who can tell us what we don’t already know.

My appeal to the Kenyan media is to understand that their role in setting the agenda in this country is important and they must take it seriously. They must not allow politicians to decide what we like a country will discuss. If they throw a meatball like the ICC debate, throw it back at them, but had enough that if it hit them, it is a knockout. Let us not allow the ruling class to get away with lies.


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