NYC Delegates are running way out of line

Delegates must stop picking fights they cannot win

NYC should be the advocate of youths in both private and public sectors. The board should advise the government on youth policies, the council should be able to outsource its own funding to run youth empowerment programs and create awareness on opportunities available for the youths of this country.

However, with the current crop of youth delegates, I foresee a huge loophole in youth leadership. Some of these delegates are sadists, witch-hunters and such a gossip that they hardly remember why they were entrusted by those positions.

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NYSoffering community service

I’m not a fan of Jubilee government but some claims being posted on this page about NYS and the ministry of planning and devolution are quite misplaced. If there is any government institution that has benefited the youths of this country the most, then it is the NYS.

NYS recruits undergo basic training at the NYS College in Gilgil. The aim is to produce mature and responsible young citizens. After the passout, they break for up to one month before going to the field to offer service to the community. Even as we speak, those that passed out last month are already in the field, helping in cleaning the slums. It is after this that they go back to class to study their respective courses. Here is a list of the courses and where they are offered:
1. NYS Engineering Institute – Nairobi
2. NYS Institute of Business Studies – Nairobi
3. NYS Engineering Craft Training School – Nairobi
4. NYS Technical College – Mombasa
5. NYS Advanced Building School – Gilgil
6. NYS School of Agriculture – Yatta
7. NYS Early Childhood Education Centre – Gilgil
8. NYS Plant Operators and Mechanics School – Yatta
9. NYS Rural Craft Training Centre – Turbo
10. NYS on the job Training School – Kerio Valley
11. NYS on the job Training School – Tana Basin
12. NYS Technical Training Institute – Naivasha
13. NYS Vocational Training Institute and Driving School – Nairobi
Courses offered at National Youth Service College – NYS College
Certificate Courses
1. Copy Typist
2. Driving Courses
3. Engineering and Building
5. Shorthand Typist Courses
6. Tailoring and Dressmaking
7. Telephonist/Receptionist/Front Office Course
Diploma Courses
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Mechanical Engineering
4. Secretarial Studies
5. Supplies Management
6. Trade Course Grade III – I

To conclude, I’d like us to stop fighting everybody and CONCENTRATE on making friends that can help us secure a future for the council. It is not  just about us, but it should be about the future of the NYC. Let us not be agents of destruction but rather focus our energy on making a better youth council.

From where I seat, I know that there NYC elections are to be held in December. I’d like to urge fellow youths to elect people who will make meaningful contribution to making the NYC better, not like the last time when we decided to stuff it with noise makers, rent seekers, and jealous individuals with no interests of others at heart.

Notre: This article was also posted at the National Youth Council Facebook Page


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