#OperationChukuaID: My Leader, My choice!

Let us save our beloved country Kenya

It is hardly the third year since the Jubilee government took power, and already politicians and political parties from all divides are preparing for yet another elections. No pledges of the March 2013 elections have been fulfilled, just reminiscing of the grand coalition projects in the guise of new ones. Constant politicking has been the norm and thanks to devolution, not even the opposition can be excused for not delivering to its voters.


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Dedan Kimathi Statue covered with flag

The fourth estate, that is the media and civil society, also has not been left behind in failing Kenyans. After going to bed with the government, the media now is confused like a teenage school girl that has just got pregnant. As we speak, Kenyans cannot watch their favourite programs thanks to the chaotic digital migration. The civil society on the other hand has been hit hard with the government constantly to deregister them.

Who are we to blame for the current status of our country, but me and you? Yes, we have the power to wipe clean all the evils that are currently happening, but we have chosen not to use it.

The government

The Jubilee government may appear as a blessing in disguise, when indeed it is a curse. This government is held by a thin thread of hope that that this country can have peace when two tribes work together. What the people in power are forgetting is that where there is no justice, there is no peace and what we are currently witnessing is volatile peace. This is dangerous and if the marriage between these “couples” break, the country may be thrown to the dogs.

It is only in this country where senior politicians, especially from the government side are reckless in their statements and would indict others of murder without evidence to back their claims. How many times have you seen Adan Duale accuse other people of murder? He accused Raila of plotting the Mpeketoni attacks and was never put to task to justify his claims. The president then conjoined his Majority Leader in asserting that the attacks were politically orchestrated. This is even after Al Shabaab terrorists group claimed responsibility. Later on the president comes out and agrees it was a terrorist attack and does not even apologise for the misinformation.

Later on Duale did it again with Baraza claiming that the later killed Yebei. This time too he walked away. Now joining him in this reckless hubbub is Labour Cabinet Secretary Kazungu Kambi and the notorious Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria in Muchai murder.

Tribalism and hate speech under Jubilee administration has got a whole new meaning. Corruption is rife, as it is nurtured under this administration. Pointing at skewed government appointments or discrediting the government has been equated to treason. And this is what has turned most social media users to activists as they vent their anger and frustrations. What a better way to do it than write it on a wall with your pseudo name?

The people in position should be watchful of what they say, but don’t expect this to happen in our beloved country Kenya, where your tribe is far much more important than personal abilities.

The Media

Last Saturday, as I was watching Africa Speaks on KTN at around 1.30 p.m., the analogue signals went off. Interestingly, the three leading media houses have boycotted Startimes and GoTV, so they are completely off-air, leaving 94% of Kenyans in the dark.

The jubilee government has been determined to control the media, but some Jubilee sycophants have not seen this, not even the media fraternity itself had seen it coming. It all started by the people in power acquiring stake in media houses and setting up a strong media company after the match elections. You’ll remember how K24 poached Citizen TV presenters, with the aim of luring / Citizen viewers. Nevertheless, as it appears, this plan failed.

This was immediately followed by constant conflicts between Royal Media Group and the Media Council regarding the former’s licenses. And now the digital TV migration that has been poorly planned has left many in the dark.

It will be remembered that none of the media houses gave CORD coverage during the Saba Saba rally. While many people across the country were yearning to watch what was happening at Uhuru Park, the media deliberately ignored the event and instead thought it was fit to continue with their normal programming instead.

The President

The president team has constantly used the media to paint H.E Uhuru Kenyatta as down to earth individual. In fact, the media helped him with the much needed publicity when he “handed over power” to his deputy while going to The Hague, something that is obviously normal and wouldn’t need such coverage and the theatrics that surrounded it.

The president has been launching every small project, for instance the cashless Matatu payment system, to Kenya Aiways new Airbus. Most of these projects would rather be launched by his cabinet secretaries.

The youths of this country must remember that their function at KICC, the Youth Fund launch of new products, scheduled for February, Wednesday 18th, had to be cancelled just because H.E. had to attend another launching party. He went to Mathari Mental Hospital to hand over the renovated Hospital. What I am saying is wasn’t Anne Waiguru not enough to preside the Youth Fund function? After all, youth fund had already been launched by his predecessor, H.E. Mwai Kibaki.

The Opposition

In normal cases, the opposition is not often blamed when it fails to deliver its manifesto; in any case, it is not in power. However, the Kenyan case is special and the opposition should deliver at least one or two things it promised its supporters.

Look at it this way, the opposition controls 24 of the 47 counties in this country. It is therefore easier for it to implement is manifesto at the county level. What’s more, it can use its MPs to also do some of the projects it intended to do at the constituency level. But this is not the case, the CORD MPs and Governors are most of the poorly performing leaders in the country. Their counties have been in constant conflicts, with allegiance shift, and Raila and Kalonzo’s succession taking centre stage.

Our responsibility

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Chukua ID Campaign

Politicians and people in authority are dying under mysterious circumstances, and no candid reasons are given. Our country is bleeding, inside! Until someone comes out save it, we are all doomed. But who will save this country?

Until we come out and elect leaders not parties, until we come out and support ideologies not individuals, until we worship God not demigods, this country will never seize to see mysterious deaths and events that have crowded the media.

The #OperationChukuaID is a campaign aimed at mobilizing all eligible voters to apply for ID and voter’s card. It is only these tools that can help us sluice this country from the rising cataclysm. Come out in numbers and take IDs, so that when the time comes to register as voters we do so and be part of the decision in 2017. This country is only as good as the people running it.


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