The Star Must Respect Raila

The Star Needs to Discounitue Links with Miguna

I’m a great fan of the Star, I’ve been reading the articles they publish since the paper was inaugurated. It has come to my concern that they have reservations for Uhuru since he became president. I can remember, Uhuru, the then Deputy Prime Minister and now the President of the republic of Kenya, took the Star to court about tarnishing his image. The paper has since got his replacement, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. So today I ask, what does the Star wants with Raila.

They have been publishing every bad news about our de facto leader, something that I don’t take lightly. From ODM’s nomination before the 2013 elections to botched ODM party elections. They have dragged RAO’s name in every bad thing that happens to the party; whether an ODM Mp has lost his seat, or he/she was heckled in her constituency. They treated Oburu’s, Ruth’s or Midiwo’s problem as Raila’s, and made every bad story that they get a slight hint of. Raila deserves respect and should not be subject to some mad men, some of whom are his former employees who have gone rogue. It saddens me that despite being a fan of the star, they have made it their habit to court such rogue agents.

Miguna Miguna
Former Raila’s aide -Miguna

Let me take you back to an article Miguna wrote and was published by the paper yesterday (March 29th). Miguna compared Raila’s house to Zuma’s, which was built by stolen money from the government. Why did he go that far, why not Kibaki’s a half billion house funded by taxpayers money? Why had the Star allowed the paper to serve personal interest? Miguna ponders why Raila built a multi-billion house in an area where the people’s average monthly income is Kshs. 2,500, what is the average income of the people living in Mwiga, where the state built Kibaki a home? Why can’t Miguna look at the bigger picture and see how this house, which will host Raila Foundation, can help Kisumu county? He is so obsessed with his former boss, or perhaps he just can’t afford to let his new boss down. If Miguna wants something to write about, may be he should write about Kibaki’s idle Mwiga home that wasted taxpayer’s half a billion.

So why is the Star serving as a platform to spread hatred against our beloved leader? And why has the article’s online version since varnished? And if they have deleted it, why did they publish it in the first place? What is even the point of deleting its online version when the paper itself is already in the streets? The Star needs to apologies to Raila, his family and  followers alike. They also need to terminate their link with Miguna forthwith. In the future, they must act as a newspaper that serves all political sides, and not just the ruling party.

The article is written Spunsofts Spunner, a freelance writer.


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