After Recouping Rigged Election, Raila save our rigged future

Ahead of the Aug 8 elections, Raila Odinga devoted his speech to two groups of the Kenyan population, the youths, and the single parents.

If you are you a youth or a single mother but didn’t listen to this speech at NASA’s previous rally at MasindeMuliro grounds, let me quickly take you through it before I put across my point.

Odinga began his speech by addressing the general woes of the Kenyan economy and attributed the ills to the failed Jubilee regime. He vastly dealt with the high cost of living, which has been aided by the high inflation rate, corruption, and poor government policy. However, it is his address of the two groups that won my heart.

The NASA flag bearer first addressed the youths, particularly those who have had the benefit to reach the tertiary level of education.

Your future has been rigged

“You joined nursery school, then primary school. You passed and acceded to a secondary school. At that level too, you passed,” paused Raila.

“You joined university or college for advanced learning. You graduated, but out here, there is no quality employment for you. You wonder what you did wrong!” the ODM leader lamented with a glowering face.

“It is not your fault,” paused Raila, amidst the cheering crowd.

“You have done everything right! It is the government that has failed you. Your future has been stolen away from you! Your future has been rigged,” he summed.

“The NASA government want to change that! If you did everything right, you deserve to have a job; that is the least your government can do for you!”

I have you in my heart

“Allow me also to address Kenyan women, not just women, but single mothers!” he appealed to the crowd.
“Your husband died, leaving you with kids to take care of. Or you are divorced or separated, but have children to look after,” continued Raila.

“Or maybe you just got yourself pregnant and therefore have a child or children to bring up. I want to talk to you!
I know it difficult for you to shoulder the responsibilities of parenthood alone. It is even harder if you don’t have a stable source of income; I have you in my heart!” he deduced.

“The current government has Balkanized the programs, which disregards you, single parents. The NASA government will create a program to empower the single mothers. When we form the next government, we’ll ensure that we end your troubles, or at least reduce it!”

My Point

While listening to Raila; I felt as though he was speaking my mind.Perhaps, it is because I’m a youth. But he won me over. I wonder if his statement touched you too. If it did, was it enough to influence your decision?

Raila enjoys a huge following among the Kenyan destitute, a reason that has led his opponents to name him the “Lord of Poverty”. But the truth is, he is the President of Kenya’s poor. He has always stood by these people all through his political life.
As a social democrat, Raila has for a large part of his life been advocating for resources to be collectively owned by the public. It is this quest that led to the birth of devolution, which is now transforming the country, albeit with integrity challenges.

The bottomline

As we are waiting for the IEBC to announce the new official date for the presidential election, I want you to ponder if this government has served you well. Remember, voting for Uhuru means continuity, this is regardless of whether what is continuing is right or bad for you. On the other hand, a vote for Raila would be the beginning of a new era.

I would love to see how the father of devolution would implement the current constitution. This wish can only come true if we vote him as the president. Therefore, it is my humble appeal to the Kenyan youths and single mothers, particularly those who are among about 4 million Kenyans who abstained from the annulled August 8 voting exercise, to turn out in large numbers and vote Raila Odinga for the President of the Republic of Kenya. Let him reclaim out rigged future.


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Reverted Wheel and the Subverted Will

Uhuru May have Lost Heavily to Raila

On August 8, Kenyans braced the dark and chill of the early morning to queue and vote for their preferred candidates in the general elections, an opportunity that comes once in every five years. Three days later, the result was announced, putting Uhuru Kenyatta 1.4 million ahead of the opposition chief Raila Odinga, who garnered 6.7 million in the presidential race. This result would then be annulled by the Supreme Court, citing irregularities and contravention of the Constitution.

Jubilee, led by its leaders Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto, has since sustained a scratching attack on the top court in the land and the judiciary in general. The party has argued that the court subverted the people’s will.

NASA has on the hand insisted on having won the elections.  The coalition wants the content of the IEBC servers made public to prove its claims. Its leader, Raila Odinga, declared he had beaten Uhuru with a margin of about 1.5 million.

The State House Rallies

However, what has drawn my attention is a string of rallies held at the country’s State Houses over the past few days. Uhuru Kenyatta has hosted over 500 Kamba and Luhya leaders, most of who lost in the August 8 elections. On Wednesday, the Nakuru State house housed over ten thousand people from the Abagusii land. Apparently, State House is now Kenyatta’s number one venue for political functions.

Interestingly, we have seen that even the people who attended the State House Abagusii meeting did it primarily for monetary gain. There is no better testimony than the viral video of the complaining visitors.  And yesterday in Vihiga, Ruto had a tough time trying to address the people. But to be fair to him, the region gave Jubilee merely 9% of the total presidential vote.

The hard questions

At the backdrop of the unfolding events, my questions are, did Uhuru win the Aug 8 election? And if he won, why is he massively involved in hosting people at confined locations instead of meeting the people at the grassroots? Why has he abstained from visiting the places like Nyamira and Kisii, which according to the IEBC figures, massively voted for him?

While addressing Kamba leaders, he told them that the community did not vote for him, yet according to the IEBC results, Uhuru got over 170,000 from the lower Eastern region, predominantly Kamba. So who gave him those votes if not the Kambas, or did the IEBC cook result to his favour?

Another key pointer is the fact that Jubilee is comfortable going to the rerun with an indicted IEBC. If the DP’s statement is anything to go by, the party wants to go the election presided over by the commission as currently constituted. You must note that he seriously took issue with Chabukati’s memo. As surprising as it may be, the questions raised in the later are of grave importance and need redress before a rerun.

Prof. Kisangani on yesterday’s Citizen TV Opinion Court program said that  IEBC must address the key issues raised by the seven judge bench before it conducts another election. He further advised his co-panelist, the Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, against the Jubilee’s choreographed line that NASA was not ready for elections.

Uhuru lost heavily to Raila

Yesterday, The Star columnist Kabatesi in his column alluded to a president who doesn’t want a rerun as NASA has unearthed all his political gimmicks. It could be true, since, despite the anomalies that were laid bare by the court, Jubilee has been on the IEBC defense.

It is clear that Uhuru cannot beat Raila in a fair contest. The president has therefore resorted to reverting the wheels that will ensure we have level play field for all parties.

The latest move by Hon. Ngunjiri Wambugu is a hindsight to what is happening behind the scene. The Nyeri town MP wants the Judicial Service Commission to remove the CJ for allegedly violating the constitution.

The sustained attack on the Judiciary, the attempts to stamp authority and Jubilee talking for IEBC is a clear sign that the president might have lost heavily in the polls and perhaps that is why Uhuru has panicked; he is desperate and floundering, and trying to hold on anything he can.

As Prof. Kisangani paused it, the big question is, “Should we go to the elections with the commission as currently constituted and Jubilee loses, would President Uhuru petition the results?”

Unity of the IEBC Commissioners is the Death Pill

Even if you don’t work for the IEBC or do but didn’t attend the commission’s retreat in Naivasha, it is evident that the purported unity of the commissioners is a death pill to our democracy. As NASA principle, Sen. Wetangula said, it is the integrity and not the unity of the commission that concerns us.

IEBC commisioners

The meeting might have been a good gesture towards ensuring that the forthcoming presidential rerun is done within the specified date and in a manner that represents the sovereign will of Kenyans. But this could have only been attained had the commission fully sort answers to the 12 issues raised in the Chabukati’s memo to the CEO, Mr.Chiloba. But with the issues, which are in the public domain, still lingering on, there is a cloud of doubt surrounding commission’s ability to conduct a free and fair election.

Last Sunday Citizen TV hosted the Deputy President William Ruto on its program One on One. From the interview, one could tell that Ruto was very bitter with the IEBC’s chair Mr. Chabukati, but supported Chiloba. He mainly took issue with the memo, arguing it is pro-NASA.
However, as I have said, the memo raised crucial questions that any open minded person would want to be answered in regards to the August 8 elections. Therefore, the dubiosity depicted by the DP apparently points a hand of the executive in the botched exercise.

Is Al Ghurair or Al Githurai?
Forgive me, but is it Al Ghurair, Al Githurai? It is in the major dailies that the Al Ghurair printing firm is still IEBC preferred choice. Surprised, huh? You look at such developments, and you wonder.
If it were a local firm, we would understand that we intend to empower our companies by procuring locally, but it in Dubai. What is the obsession with this printer?

The company has been at the center of the election row, and the supreme court confirmed to us that there some statutory forms that had missing security marks. Why then should we again use the same firm?

The Supreme Decision vs. Diesel Dupe Scandal
We must agree that the Supreme Court decision to annul the August 8 presidential election should have had consequences on the commission’s secretariat. We should have seen some heads rolling, with Mr. Chiloba, who is at the heart of this saga, leading the way. In fact, this is what ought to happen and is what goes on in a mature democracy.

We have seen corporate heads going down for mistakes made by their institutions. For example, in the Vox Wagen gas emission scandal dubbed the “diesel dupe,” the motor group’s chief executive at the time, Martin Winterkorn, resigned. The most important point on his statement was, “my company has broken the trust of our customers and the public!”

Public trust is what is now a major concern for the stakeholders of the impending rerun. Four Supreme Court judges indicted IEBC for skewing elections towards Jubilee. And it, therefore, doesn’t surprise us that our Deputy President stands by the commission’s CEO. It is detrimental to the whole electoral process that one party is in bed with the referee.

Back to our example, the VW diesel dupe scandal. “We’ve totally screwed up,” is what the VW America boss Michael Horn thought of their case. And exactly, this is what Mr.Chabukati aught to be saying while the group’s chief executive should just vacate office.

The commissioners are not in a marriage where the sins we’ve seen can be forgiven. Neither a quasi-member nor even curtailed powers should be an option for Chiloba; he should just leave. The most urgent task of Chiloba’s successor should be to win back the trust for the Commission by leaving no stone unturned.

Final word
If we must rescue this country from “vifaranga vya computer” saga, and if we want to protect the sovereign will of Kenyans, then we must see some heads rolling, beginning with the head of the secretariat one Mr. Ezra Chiloba. All the stakeholders must demand transparency. The media, civil society, and the political class must do their duties without jeopardizing the electoral process.

All in all, we have 290 tallying centres, let the media be allowed to do live coverage of the announcement of the results at the constituency level. This way it would be difficult for the results to be doctored afterwards. And please IEBC, we have heard enough of Al Ghurair, kindly get another firm to handle your ballot papers!

Jubilee’s Silent Agenda

Yesterday, while on Citizen TV interview, the DP William Ruto claimed that the Jubilee party is only 19 MPs short of a super majority. He further alluded that there would be no way Raila would perform as the president as Jubilee had the majority in both houses.

“We won in all the six elections. We have the highest number of governors, women reps, MCAs and command a majority in both houses!” alluded the DP.
“We are only 19 MPs short of a super majority in the National Assembly. With that we can even amend the constitution,” he added.

Hardly a day after the statement, while addressing a group of Kamba leaders who lost in the August 8 elections at State House, President Uhuru Kenyatta echoed his deputy’s sentiments.

“We are merely 13 MPs shy of a super majority. We can even amend the constitution,” opined the president.

“Even if you vote Raila, what could he do? We would impeach him in the second or third month!”

To amend the Constitution, they need a two-thirds majority in parliament and a simple majority in at least 24 of the 47 counties.

The opposition leader Raila Odinga claimed that Jubilee had rigged in all the six elections to push their agenda.

The right question we should ask then is could the August 8 alleged rigging be part of a wider plan to change our Constitution?

And the answer is yes, then what precisely in the Constitution do they want to be changed? Could it be the president term limit? Has this got anything to do with devolution? Already there were suggestions to reduce the number of elective posts, with county chiefs appointed by the president. Could this be part of the game?

We don’t know just yet, but time will tell what is in store for us. In Swahili, they say “Lisemwalo lipo, na kama halipo, linakuja!” Looking at what’s currently happening, it seems that constitutional amendment is on top of Jubilee’s agenda. So when you vote on October 17 or whatever date it will be, keep this in mind. Good evening!

The Broke NASA, the Unapologetic Uhuruto and the confused IEBC

We are into the second week after the Supreme Court declared the reelection of Uhuruto null and void. From NASA’s conditions for the rerun to Chamkati’s memo, the first week has been all but fireworks, statements, and rebuttals. We cover it all in one piece.

The transfer window

The country is in a campaign mode back again, and usually, this is characterized with an open transfer window. This week has seen the JP rebel and the former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto ditch his principal duties in NASA to become a board member in Jubilee.

Ruto would rather be a spectator in the government than being a player in the opposition. He is not alone; he joins the former general, Babu Nanyamba, better known for his one bullet campaign, who led a group of tourist to visit the state house. Among the tourist included the DP’s former boss, the confused Busia governor aspirant and a host of other rejects of the August 8th elections.

On the other side, NASA signed Jubilee winger and the former Meru Governor Peter Munya, who refused to warm the bench for his successor Kiraitu Murungi. We are waiting to see how the players would counter each other as we head for the rematch which might be held on October 17.

Unapologetic executive

As all eyes are glued on IEBC and its latest infighting, Jubilee leaders are still mad at the Supreme Court for confirming that they are “vifaranga vya computer!”

Led by the president, should I say acting or interim, and his deputy, the Jubilee leaders have promised to trim the powers of the Judiciary in case they win the inevitable rematch.

The move has invited criticism from both quarters, with some people advising the president to desist from smoking moist weed. However, the Uhuruto duo remains unapologetic not only for the ass scratching saga but also on the latest tirade on the independent institution.

Arap Machozi, the ever sober politician, and the chief Jubilee propagandist is known to show no remorse, not even for kids. I hope you remember how the Langata Primary school kids protesting the grabbing of their playground were teargassed. And do you expect him to apologise to the same judiciary which indicted him for grabbing a peasant’s farm?

Chilobye, the memo and the quest for the smoking gun

We ended the week on a high as Chamkati demanded answers from Chilobye. The memo has sparked talks of the referees washing their dirty linen in public. As the sole member of the referee team independently litigated at the Supreme Court, Chamkati has not taken the revelations of the court report lightly. He has come out gun blazing, something that has put his technical bench in the spotlight.

The leak of the memo to the media has given birth to the quest to identify a spy in the team, with the team’s repute gravely wounded. Meanwhile, today the technical bench is meeting to iron out their differences to ready themselves to officiate the next much.

The broke opposition

Meanwhile, team Baba is broke. The opposition is in dire need for funding to help it transverse the country ahead of the vote rerun. But since it has left the international community, in the name of observers, with an egg in the face, it has turned to its supporters for help. The move has been ridiculed and taunted to be a move to take advantage of its followers. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that the government side, albeit enjoying the public resources, held a fundraiser and attended by countries crème del a creme.


The war of words continues, the marriage of convenience happening every other day and the people remain thirsty to put this matter to rest once and for all. The question is will Kenyans get the much-desired change or will the status quo carry the day?

Missed Nomination? Blame Pussy for it!

If you doubted the power of Pussy, then you should see the list of nominated MCAs across the country.

The executives of Kenyan political parties abused the fettering discretion of these entities to nominate. They did so by choosing to second their spouses, sex partners, and female cronies to the houses to meet the 2-thirds gender law.

After taking their reserved slot as a marginalized group, women grabbed virtually all the slots meant for the youth, ethnic minority, and the people living with a disability in the Parliament, the Senate and county assemblies.

This move was discriminatory to the Kenyan male youth, which contravenes the law. The bill of rights envisioned in chapter four of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 (CoK) advocates for equitable and inclusive representation of the people of Kenya at both levels of governments.

In article 55 (b), the CoK dictates that the State shall take measures, including affirmative action programs, to ensure that the youth have opportunities to associate, be represented and participate in political, social, economic and other spheres of life. According to the Kenya National Youth Charter 2013, youth is a person of either gender aged between 18 to 35 years.

The nomination is meant to help marginalized groups get representation in both levels of the government. It forms part of far-reaching social and political transformations designed to give an active voice and say to every person, group, and region in the Country. But it seems the leaders of our political parties are using it to quench their sexual appetite and reward their daughters and female friends.

In the end, it is the male Kenyan youth, a marginalized group, which pays the ultimate price and it has nobody or nothing to blame but the pussy.